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Catania, Sicily


Teatro Massimo Bellini

Opera house in Catania named after Vincenzo Bellini. They put on a full slate of performances every year.

Via Giuseppe Perrotta, 12, 95131 Catania CT, Italy

Bellini Museum

Composer Vincenzo Bellini’s birthplace has relics, personal items, and furniture arranged in chronological order.

Piazza S. Francesco d'Assisi, 3, 95124 Catania CT, Italy

Piazza del Duomo

Great spot to hang out and people watch. Lots of tourists, yes, but college students can make this square interesting. We once spent an hour watching a peaceful student protest unfold.

Fontana dell’Elefante

Liotru the elephant, carved of black lava and the symbol of Catania, sits high above street level playfully raises his trunk towards the cathedral.

Located in the center of the Piazza del Duomo

Catania Underground

See what is underneath the city that was buried by lava flows so many times.

Roman Theater

Second century BC Roman amphitheater.

Located in Piazza Stesicoro

Aci Castello

Gorgeous promenade leads to a Norman castle with spectacular views

Piazza Castello, 95021, Aci Castello, Sicily, Italy