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Ljubljana, Slovenia



Wallet-friendly spot famous for their burgers but also have traditional Slovenian food like jota and ričet.

Rimska cesta 13, Ljubljana


Traditional Slovene sausages and jota and ričet served in a fast casual atmosphere.

Ciril-Metodov trg 15, Ljubljana

Ajdovo Zrno

Vegan restaurant serving many Slovenian favorites like jota.

Trubarjeva 7, Ljubljana

Gostilna Na gradu

Restaurant located inside Ljubljana Castle. Surprisingly affordable considering the incredible location.

Grajska planota 1 | Ljubljana Castle, Ljubljana

Monstera Bistro

Nice lunch menu with organic wine list. Vegetarian options.

Gosposka ulica 9, Ljubljana


Multiple small dining rooms in a quaint house. Truffles available when in season.

Gornji trg 28, Ljubljana

Moji Štruklji

Štruklji are available all over Ljubljana. This place makes some of the best.

Hiša Franko

Two hours west of Ljubljana, Hiša Franko is world-renowned for their food with prices to match.

Staro selo 1, 5222 Kobarid, Slovenia

Park Café in Bled, Slovenia

This is where the kremšnita cake originated. Lake Bled is beautiful and worth a trip, but if you’re just going for the cake, I’d suggest staying in Ljubljana. You’ll find lots of bakeries that make an excellent kremšnita.

Cesta svobode 10, Bled 4260, Slovenia