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Lyon, France


The Poêlon d'Or

Excellent bouchon. Reservations suggested.

29 Rue des Remparts d'Ainay, 69002 Lyon, France

Cafe des Federations

The most famous bouchon in Lyon.

Le Garet

A real throwback to the old bouchons of Lyon.

7 rue du Garet, 69001, Lyon, France

Burgundy Lounge

Top of the line Lyon restaurant. Massive wine list.

24 quai Saint Antoine, 69002, Lyon, France

Le Tete de Lard

Traditional bouchon with lots of veal, sausages, and foie gras.

13 rue Desiree, 69001, Lyon, France

Le Kitchen Café

One of the best restaurants in Lyon. Dessert and pastries are superb.

34 rue Chevreul,Lyon, France

Bouchon Thomas

Bouchon with foie gras and truffles when in season

3 rue Laurencin, 69002, Lyon, France

Café du Jura

Bouchon that has been in business for over 150 years.

25 rue Tupin, 69002, Lyon, France

Bouchon Chez Paul

Traditional bouchon, they even pass dishes around to your neighbors. Service can be spotty.

11 rue Major Martin, 69001, Lyon, France

Bouchon Des Cordeliers

Traditional bouchon with excellent service.

15 rue Claudia, 69002, Lyon, France

Le Potager des Halles

Creative cuisine. Near the La Fresque des Lyonnais

Paul Bocuse

The Pope of French cuisine passed in 2018, but his restaurants live on.

Les Mauvaises Herbes

Vegetarian (mostly vegan, raw) restaurant in the land of beef and foie gras.

3 rue du jardin des Plantes, Lyon, France

Le Jardin Intérieur

Excellent vegetarian restaurant

2 rue de Belfort, 69004, Lyon, France

Against the Grain

Creative vegetarian restaurant

135 rue Sébastien Gryphe, Lyon, France


Affordable vegetarian restaurant

89 rue Paul Bert, 69003, Lyon, France

Sillon Café

Limited menu, but truly unique in execution.

46 avenue Jean Jaures, Lyon, France

Pizzeria Napoli

Best pizza in Lyon since 1966

45, Rue Franklin 69002 Lyon, France

Boulangerie Jocteur

Great place for tarte Lyonnaise

102 cours la Fayette | Les Halles Paul Bocuse, Lyon, France


Classic cocktail bar

20 rue Hippolyte Flandrin, 69001, Lyon, France

Star Ferry

Floating bar on the Rhone. Lots of beer selections

2 quai Victor Augagneur, 69003, Lyon, France

La Passagère

Floating cocktail bar on the Rhone

21 quai Victor Augagneur, 69003, Lyon, France

Terre Adelice

The best ice cream shop (glacier) in Lyon.

1 Place de la Baleine, 69005, Lyon, France